About Me


Just your typical New Yorker living in the suburbs. I graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2017 with a degree in Marketing and am currently working in media


I love working out and am especially into boxing/kickboxing, but I really love anything that gets me up and moving!

I started out making Snapchat geofilters for events of my friends and family. This inspired me to start my own Instagram page where I make custom ones on demand for clients so check it out 


Favorite Things

My favorite color is purple and I find it very soothing

I love animals and I have a dog who I adore (he's a Pekingese - look em up)

Fashion = Life 

I spend the rest of my free time making/decorating clothing for myself (and occasionally my friends)


You will always find me taking pictures of my food before I eat it

I am so dedicated to the food I made a slideshow with some of my pictures on my site